Social Action › City Projects

In terms of the total amount that Gestvia contributes to funding cooperation and charity projects and its subsidies for public transport in Calella, the company dedicates roughly 2% of its budget to its social actions.

Likewise, Gestvia has implemented several projects with the aim of improving the quality of life in our city, including:

  • Adding timers to the traffic lights on the N-II that inform pedestrians and vehicles of the wait time and the time available to cross the road.
  • Detection and performance systems for the traffic lights on the N-II that aid the blind.
  • Works to improve pedestrian access to Calella's lighthouse.
  • Construction of a pedestrian island at the intersection of the N-II and Carrer Sant Josep.
  • License plate readers to manage accesses by the local police.
  • Creation of new parking spaces (Mercat 2, Hospital 2, Riera de Capaspre).
  • Works to improve the shoulder of the N-II, in front of the former Renault building.
  • New traffic lights on the N-II (C/ Sant Pere), for access to the Fàbrica Llobet-Guri.
  • Collaboration with the Calella police on the protection services of school accesses.
  • Gestvia and its staff collaborate on several city events, including:
    • Volta a Catalunya road bicycle race
    • Ironman
    • Three Kings parade
    • Nits d'Estiu NEC: Carrilet service to the Calella lighthouse