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Car parks

Since its creation, the Gestió Viària S.L. municipal company has opened the following car parks with funds from the revenue earned through managing Calella's blue zones:

Palmeres    (2004)126 spaces
Muntanyeta    (2005)92 spaces
Mercat 2     (2012)93 spaces
Hospital 2     (2014-2020)119 spaces
Riera Capaspre    (2017)130 spaces

Gestvia has carried out the following parking projects in Calella:

Mercat car park (2013) Executive project
2 underground floors
221 spaces
ADIF car park (2014) Proposal
2 floors (semi-underground)
274 spaces


Study of Urban Mobility in Calella
One of the aims of Gestió Viària S.L. is to improve mobility in Calella. To that end, a Study of Urban Mobility in Calella was conducted by INTRA in 2012 in order to quantify the city's mobility, assess the current situation and propose criteria and strategies for future improvements.


Traffic lights on the N-II (Sant Jaume)
Gestió Viària S.L. maintains and improves the regulation of traffic lights on the N-II (Carrer Sant Jaume) in the section that crosses through Calella, as well as the implementation of new traffic lights depending on the city's traffic requirements.

The most recent set of traffic lights installed by Gestvia on Carrer Sant Jaume (N-II) are located at the roundabout of the Codina apartments (2016), and in front of C/ Sant Pere (2018) to provide pedestrian accessibility to the Fàbrica Llobet-Guri and its facilities (including the new Salicrú school).


Street closure systems
According to municipal plans, in 2007 Gestvia launched the installation of a system of pedestrian street closures with automatic bollards on Jovara, Sant Joan, Riera and Església streets.

In order to limit physical impact on the streets and improve mobility management, in 2015 Gestvia began to install traffic control cameras with license plate readers, progressively replacing automatic bollards. The new traffic control cameras make it possible to limit the passage of vehicles to restricted road areas

This equipment (pylons and cameras with communication and management systems) were installed by Gestvia and subsequently managed by the Calella local police.