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Calella's Municipal Circulation Bylaw (OMC) establishes the special scheme for residents in the parking areas with time limits.

The aim of Calella's blue zone regulated service is to rotate the vehicles parked in certain areas of the city, limiting the parking time on the basis of the cost of obtaining the blue zone ticket, making it possible to offer these parking spaces to the maximum number of citizens possible. To that end, Gestvia seeks a balance between the availability of parking spaces (parking with a time limit) and to facilitate access to the citizens of Calella.

Calella's resident pass aims to offer the residents of our city unlimited access at a reduced rate.

The weekly pass for residents requires users to have a card certifying resident-status; this card is issued by Gestvia and indicates the license plate number and year of service of vehicles which comply with the aforementioned requirements. This card is valid for a year (the calendar year, from January to December), renewable at the owner's request and if the requirements are met.


Who can get a resident card?

The resident card can be purchased by individuals or companies that meet the following conditions:


Required documents

The following documents must be presented at the Gestvia offices in order to apply for a resident card:

The cost of the initial processing of the first card is €6.00.

Should there be no changes related to the vehicle (change of owner, contact details), card renewal will not require the presentation of any new documents. Gestvia will be able to verify that the resident meets the requirements through an information request to the Calella City Council or the Barcelona Provincial Council

The cards must be picked up personally, except in justified cases, in order to guarantee that the card is given to the right recipient


Blue zone passes for Calella residents

These passes are only available for residents with vehicles and a valid authorization card.

Passes for Calella residents (VAT included) and where they can be purchased:

Weekly pass :           6,00 €      (ticket vending machines on the street)
Monthly pass  :         26,00 €      Gestvia office
Quarterly pass :        78,00 €      Gestvia office