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Gestvia, as the municipal company that manages various mobility-related aspects, aims to collaborate in the implementation of electric vehicles as a way to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility.

To this end, in 2018 Gestvia launched a semi-fast electric vehicle charging station along with the associated management system on Carrer Sant Joan, near the intersection with Carrer Sant Jaume (C. N. II).

Calella's charging station makes it possible to charge two cars simultaneously with Mennekes plugs; it also has two Schuko plugs. The charging power is 22 kW (if there's a single vehicle charging), which is automatically split when two vehicles are charging at the same time (2 x 11 kW).

As usual with these types of installations, an RFID card is required for activation. Users with electric vehicles can request RFID cards from Gestvia.

To make it possible for drivers to use cards issued by other municipalities in Catalonia, Calella has joined the "Partnership for Municipality Interoperability" of public networks for charging electric vehicles; this way, any user can access any municipal charging station in Catalunya using any of the cards issued by the city councils that joined the partnership. This measure ensures that electric cars can enjoy full mobility and that users no longer need various RTF cards and can charge their vehicles at the different stations promoted by the municipalities of Catalonia.

The two spots at the charging stations will be managed as blue zone parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles, with parking limited to 2 hours. This ensures the rotation of electric vehicles and keeps these spaces from being occupied for an excessive amount of time and from being used by unauthorized vehicles.

The power consumption of the charging station will not be paid by the user, but by the Calella City Council.

The aim of this type of charging station is not to completely charge electric vehicle batteries, but rather to increase their autonomy, making it possible for them to travel over greater distances. Depending on the type of vehicle and if one or two vehicles are charging at the same time, 50% to 100% of the battery can be charged in this two-hour period.

Calella's charging station has been subsidized by the Catalan Energy Institute as part of the Action Plan for the Deployment of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Catalonia (PIRVEC 2016-2017).